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Paramore by Mike Massaro

Paramore by Mike Massaro

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Day 207 — Youth Zone Shenanigans with davidmichaelbennett and samhears

San Diego Pride — 19 July 2014

Kimberly Paul Photography

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Perfect Axton cosplay by Rebelliousdante.
Model / Cosplayer: RebelliousdanteCharacter: AxtonVideogame: Borderlands 2Score: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★


Perfect Axton cosplay by Rebelliousdante.


Model / Cosplayer: Rebelliousdante
Character: Axton
Videogame: Borderlands 2
Score: ★★★★★ / ★★★★★

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>gettin hot and heavy w/ a girl

>she then tells me to talk dirty

>tell her that 10% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions are stored in dirt

>she’s still turned on and now she knows a little more about mother earth

>copulate and educate

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Anonymous asked: For the TMI post, 4,6,9,10


Ahh okay thank you so much!! I never get these!

4:How tall are you?  Well I just went to the doctor and they said 4’11” (I think this is probably someone I know personally because they asked that, I never hear the end of it for being so short)

6:Any tattoos do you want? I’ve been thinking about two.  The “don’t let them see you’re afraid” quote from MirrorMask, and/or the rat holding the key illustration from Coraline

9:Favorite Show? Overall, I’m actually gonna go with Doctor Who just because I’ve been into it for so long, but currently 30 Rock.  I also just started Modern Family and I’m really enjoying it.

10:Favorite bands? Muse, Arctic Monkeys, and Fall Out Boy

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is a better home awaiting in the sky?

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1:What are you wearing?
2:Ever been in love?
3:Ever had a terrible breakup?
4:How tall are you?
5:How much do you weigh?
6:Any tattoos do you want?
7:Any piercings that you want?
9:Favorite Show?
10:Favorite bands?
11:Something you miss?
12:Favorite song?
13:How old are you?
14:Zodiac sign?
15:Hair Color?
16:Favorite Quote?
17:Favorite singer?
18:Favorite color?
19:Loud music or soft?
20:Where do you go when you're sad?
21:How long does it take you to shower?
22:How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
23:Ever been in a physical fight?
24:Turn on?
25:Turn off?
26:The reason I joined Tumblr?
28:Last thing that made you cry?
29:Last time you cried?
30:Meaning behind your url
31:Last book you read?
32:Last song you listened to?
33:Last show you watched?
34:Last person you talked to?
35:The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
36:Favorite food?
37:Place you want to visit?
38:Last place you were?
39:Do you have a crush?
40:Last time you kissed someone?
41:Last time you were insulted and what was it?
42:What color underwear are you wearing?
43:What color shirt are you wearing?
44:What color bottoms are you wearing?
45:Wearing any bracelets?
46:Last sport you played?
47:Last song you sang?
48:Last prank call you remember doing?
49:Last time you hung out with anyone?
50:Favorite movie?
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you kids these days with your rapidly growing concern for the state of the world and your knowledge of important issues at increasingly younger ages despite having been told your opinions don’t matter by the adults who put you in these situations

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"So, Annie is gonna step in again and be the surgeon that Joel is holding hostage. And we were rehearsing the scene, and she never seen this, and she’s like: what a hell are you guys doing?"

- Neil Druckmann

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The Photo of gorecorekitty as Pacific Rim’s Mako Mori has been one of our most popular entries and we’re incredibly excited to bring you even more photos of the copilot of Gypsy Danger!

Photos 1-4 by Manny Llanura
Photo 5 by Jason

You can find more from the Cosplay League at the following links

Facebook / Twitter / tumblr / YouTube / Google+ / Vine

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